You will see a lot of ancient holy places and churches in Georgia, wonderful and manifold nature will charm you, but you will see a true Georgian soul only at a real Georgian feast – “supra”. Georgia is the country that you want to feel with a taste. Georgians and their mentality can be easily understood by trying national cuisine.


We offer you an unordinary tour-the complete journey to explore this unique country; Georgian cuisine cooking class, two wine excursions, trips to Mtskheta, Kazbegi, and Kakheti regions. This is one of our favorite tours and it is a perfect one for the first acquaintance with Georgia, because it includes the best locations and sightseeing places.


All our tours are individual and organized according to your desires and requirements. We provide you with a personal transport and a guide; we assist you with choosing and booking the best Georgian restaurants (including national folk dancing shows) and give recommendations with menu drafting.

The tour schedule


Day 1


Transfer from the airport. Hotel check-in.


Day 2. Tbilisi


You will have a guided Old City tour after a breakfast; a walk in the historical center of Tbilisi. The Spirit of Old Tbilisi is everywhere – in old two-story houses with carved wooden balconies, in grapevines, which cover the walls of the buildings, in small Georgian patios with its unique atmosphere. You will visit VI century church Anchiskhati, Metekhi temple, and an ancient citadel Narikala, which laid the foundation of Tbilisi city, walk in Sulfur Baths area and enjoy a waterfall in the very heart of Old City.



Then you will attend a cooking class in one of the best restaurants in town-“Tabla”. Our company has an exclusive access to its cooking master classes. You will bake Georgian bread “Puri” in a special oven “toneh”, make Khinkali and Khachapuri. You will understand the meaning of all these words at the hearty feast, where we will offer you to try the best Georgian dishes.

Day 3. Mtskheta


After a breakfast you will visit an old capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, fully refurbished European style city, and Svetitskhoveli cathedral (XI century), where Holy Coat of Jesus Christ and a piece of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified are held.


Then we offer you to visit Djvari Monastery (“djvari” means “cross” in Georgian), which overlooks Mtskheta and have an amazing view on the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. According to the legend, Saint Nino erected the first cross in Georgia exactly on the place where the church stands.


Next stop in our journey is a wine factory “Chateau Mukhrani”, which is situated between the Caucasian and Trialetian mountain ridges, 35km away from Tbilisi in the region of Kartli (Eastern Georgia). There you will enjoy a walk in the vineyards, visit the wine factory and old wine cellars. Your visit will be accompanied with a recital of wine making and unique technologies of Georgian wine production and with a wine tasting of four types of wine and appetizers. Chateau Mukhrani produces eight different sorts of wine, each of them having its unique flavor and taste.

Day 4. Kazbegi


After breakfast we will start our journey to the mountains along the Georgian military road, which is considered as one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Along the way you will enjoy amazing views of Jinvali reservoir and visit Ananuri castle (XVI-XVII century castle complex of Aragvi Dukes). Also, you will have a stop next to the Friendship Arch in Kazbegi, which was built in 1983 in honor of the 200 years since the St.Georges’ treaty had been signed- in the name of the friendship between Russian and Georgian nations.

We will continue our journey on breathtaking narrow mountainous road and stop at a Cross pass (2395 m above the sea). Then we will sea a legendary ancient Holy Trinity Church, build in XIV century on Gergeti Mountain 2200 m above the sea. You can have an amazing view on the peak of the mountain Kazbeg if the weather conditions are good.

Day 5. Kakheti


After a breakfast we are heading to a wine region of Georgia – Kakheti. The first stop of the trip is Bodbe monastery with Saint Nino’s Cathedral and the tomb. Saint Nino preached Christianity in Georgia and has become one of the most venerated saints of the Georgian Orthodox Church. At the bottom of the mountain you can visit a Chapel, the house of Saint Nino’s Spring, which, according to a local legend, emerged through Nino’s prayers and is believed to have a healing power.


The second destination of this day is the City of Love – Sighnaghi. It is a typical European style city with small houses under red tile roofs, stone-block pavements and marvelous nature around. All this creates a very romantic atmosphere in the City of Love; couples from all over the world can come and register their marriage here through the fastest procedures in the Civil Registry. You will have a walk around the town and climb up to the tower of ancient fortress wall of XVIII century, which surrounds the town, and enjoy an incredible view overlooking Alazani Valley.


In the end you will visit the museum of Niko Pirosmani-the famous Georgian painter of the 20th century.


Check-in in the hotel “Royal Batoni”

Day 6


Your journey in the region of Kakheti continues with visiting the Gremi monastery. Fortress and the church are the only remains of thriving city of Gremi in the past. There are frescoes of the 16th century in the church and the grave of the king Levan. Also, you will have a chance to visit a small museum, which holds ceramics, bronze bearings and other items from archeological excavations.

The next stop will be in the monastery Nekresi; the 4th century church of John the Baptist- is the oldest building on the territory.


The last stop will be at Khareba winery, which is situated in the Kvareli district of Kahketi. This winery is famous for its 7km wine tunnel. Your visit will be accompanied with a recital of wine making and unique technologies of Georgian wine production and with a wine tasting of four types of wine and appetizers.


Day 7

Transfer to the airport




  • Individual transport
  • Airport transfers
  • Guided tour in Tbilisi
  • Cooking class and lunch
  • Tour to Mtskheta with a guide (Svetitskhoveli temple, the Jvari monastery)
  • Excursion and wine tasting of four different types of wine in “Chateau Mukhrani” winery (appetizers included)
  • Trip to Kazbegi with a guide (the Jinvali reservoir, the Ananuri castle, the Friendship Arch)
  • Trip to Kakheti region with a guide (the Bodbe monastery, town of Signagi, the Gremi and Nekresi monasteries)
  • Excursion and wine degustation in the “Khareba” winery (appetizers included)



  • Plane tickets
  • Hotel accommodation (we can offer all sorts of hotels according to your preferences)

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